What Is A Nonogram Picture Cross Puzzle?


Nonograms, also known as Griddlers, Hanjie, or Picross puzzles, have a long known history. These have more than 30 names all over the world, with around ten being the most commonly used. 

In 1987, Non Ishida, a Japanese graphics editor, competed at a tournament where she designed a grid image using on and off lights of a skyscraper. It was a marvelous moment with her victory, and this led her to get three of such griddlers published in a magazine.  

But, her puzzles, then named as Nonograms, got immensely popular when they got published in The Telegraph in the year 1993. She also wrote her very first book on Nonograms in the same year, and since then, the puzzles have evolved to an altogether different level. They are no more just a game of paper and pen but so much more.

How To Play Nonogram?

It is tough to explain the step-by-step details of this game. But to become a Nonogram master, here are the fundamental rules: 

– You have to start by filling in the pixels to complete the puzzle 

– Along the edge of the grid are numbers that give you an idea of the rows and columns

– These numbers show how many pixels you have to fill along with a particular row or column

– Once you mark the right boxes, it uncovers a beautiful pixel image

This seems more effortless in the beginning but gets quite challenging as the levels escalate. Each level you move up, something exciting, something fancy, and something more intricate comes to the board. There are both black and white and colored versions of the game. And, these are so addictive that you may even lose track of time and start dreaming in those boxes. 

Furthermore, there is only one unique solution to the grid, and guess-work leads you nowhere. These are real brain teasers where a single puzzle might keep you engrossed for hours. 

Try Your Skills with by Easybrain

Easybrain is one of the trusted mobile game developers on Google Play Store as well as on the Apple Store. It has delivered several chart-topping mobile applications, including the free picture cross app. It is a perfect logic number puzzle that will keep you involved for several hours. 

On the, free picross puzzle, you can pick the level of difficulty, easy, medium, or hard, depending on what suits you the best. Start filling the boxes of the grid to solve the puzzle and unleash the image. With helpful clues that keep popping up, you can effortlessly solve the problem and get extra lives, even if you make any mistakes. There are tones of categories that are designed to suit everyone’s taste. 

So, if you want to try your skills at playing Nonogram, try the mobile app by Easybrain and bring your creativity to life.



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