How to Stay Hydrated During an Illness


In terms of influenza or flu, people will be all set with throat lozenges and their favorite blanket. However, not many will think about hydrating their body. However, experts say that hydration is an important part of recovery. That is why some people who experience flu-like symptoms go to a hangover hospital to get IV hydration. Below are some ways hydration can help fight the flu:

Boost the Immune System

Immune cells are carried by bodily fluids throughout the body. Staying hydrated helps these cells get where they have to go to fight off infections. Doctors emphasize the importance of water as a component of lymph, which is a clear-to-white fluid that has a lot of the white blood cells that attack blood invaders to fight off illnesses including flu. IV hydration allows water and other essential nutrients to get absorbed quickly into the bloodstream.

Lower Fever

Water plays an important role in regulating core body temperature and dehydration can exacerbate an existing fever. Mild fevers can be a healthy part of the response of the immune system as it means your body is dealing with whatever has got you down. If you are suffering from a high or long-lasting fever, contact your doctor immediately to get the best treatment.

Alleviate Headaches

About 2-3 of the human body is water; however, your brand has even more. And because dehydration impacts blood volume, this can mean your brain is not getting the oxygen and nutrients it needs, which will trigger symptoms such as headaches and dizziness. IV hydration can take water directly into parts of the body where it is needed. 

Promote Healthy Cell Signalling

In terms of dehydration triggered by an illness, there are more factors than just fluids. Electrolytes, including chloride, sodium, and potassium are also lost through sweat, diarrhea, and vomiting. These are all essential to maintain the pH of the body ad help cells absorb and use the fluids you are consuming. According to experts, the significance of electrolytes in the body can’t be underestimated. 

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