3 important reasons for hiring a social security disability lawyer!


You believe that you are likely to qualify for benefits under Social Security Disability Insurance because of your physical disability. However, filing your claim and getting through the entire process may not be as easy as it seems on paper. The Social Security Administration would require medical evidence that will prove your current condition, but even for a small technical error, your claim could be denied. Sometimes, people don’t furnish as much or more information that required, which may halt their claim. Working with an experienced Tucson social security disability lawyer is your best bet for avoiding unwanted hassles. Here are the top three reasons why you need an SSD lawyer. 

  1. Know your rights. A good lawyer will explain you the difference between Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI), as both seem the same to many. Note that SSI is a need-based program, which is meant for people who have low income, while SSDI is meant for those who have worked and paid in the past, but cannot work anymore because of a disability. You need a lawyer, because they can help you determine how and from where you can get the maximum benefits. There are cases where a person be eligible for both. 
  2. Find more on the process. When it comes to SSDI, medical evidence is important, and you have to ensure that you file the claim rightly, while adhering to the due process. You need a lawyer, who can ensure that your medical evidence is just enough, and if needed, they will talk to doctors and medical experts, to get more details. In case your claim is denied anyway, your lawyer will fight back and ensure that an appeal is done within 60 days. Further appeals may be possible, when your first appeal is denied, and your lawyer will be with you for the hearing. 
  3. Stay stress free. You are already dealing with the pressure of not having the scope of work. Instead of trying to understand SSDI and requirements related to your claim, allow your lawyer to take over. Whatever you pay, eventually you will be relieved that your claims went through, and usually, with a good lawyer, you don’t even have to think of appeal.

Check online now to find more on SSDI and find a good lawyer in Tucson, who is accessible, available, and ready to answer your questions. 

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