Wearing Aviator Sunglasses: How to Wear Them Properly


If you wish to find an iconic style for designer sunglasses, we recommend you get aviator ones. They are still one of the most popular options worldwide, something you can take advantage of.

You probably know them due to reflective and dark lenses, but you can find them in different styles nowadays. It is vital to understand that a lens area is three times bigger than an eye socket. If you wish to find the best aviator-style sunglasses, you should check out Ray-Ban Glasses to provide you peace of mind.

Besides, they feature thin metal frames with either triple or double bridges, depending on your preferences. They feature bayonet or cable temples that you should place behind the ears.

However, it would be best to learn how to wear them before you decide the best option possible. Here, we wanted to present you with a brief guide to increasing your aesthetic appeal while wearing them.

How Should You Wear Aviator Shades?

You should know that aviators are not for everyone, depending on face shape and other factors you should consider. However, they are perfect for people with heart-shaped, square, and oval faces.

When you have in mind that only six face shapes exist, you can rest assured because most people can wear them. However, beforehand, you should determine your face’s exact type to determine the best course of action.

Wearing them does not come with too much effort compared with other options on the market. The main goal is to avoid finding the models that will present you as a person who tries hard to look good.

Instead, you should get the ones that will pair properly with the clothes you prefer to wear, which will provide you peace of mind. You can wear them with jeans and white T-shirts, which means that they are perfect for casual attire compared with others.

It is vital to enter this link: http://www.icoph.org/ to visit an International Council of Ophthalmologist’s official website.

You can also pair them with business suits by getting the ones with round acetate, which is the most elegant frame you can find.

They are highly versatile based on who should wear them. It does not matter whether you are a senior or young man because you can quickly boost your perspective along the way. You probably know that Tom Cruise made them attractive by using a bad boy reputation.

  • Take Them Off While Talking With Someone – Since most of them feature reflective lenses, you should remove them while talking with someone. For instance, when you are spending outside with someone or dining, you should take them off when you decide to meet and put them again to prevent harmful UV rays from affecting your eyes.
  • Do Not Wear Them Indoors – Wearing them indoors or at night means that you will appear as you are trying too hard, which prevents the aesthetical appeal you wish to display.
  • Classic Finish – If you wish to get aviators with a great appearance, you should go with a gold frame that features greenish or dark lenses, a traditional or original finish.
  • Avoid Wearing Jeweler or Accessories with Them – Since the gold frames are tacky and bold, you should avoid wearing gold bracelets, necklaces to avoid being too flashy, which will affect your appearance and appeal.



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