What Your Slip and Lawyer can Do for You


Sustaining injuries while doing your job is something you would never wish for. Especially if you have serious injuries, this could mean not being able to work for a while and the need to fight for possible compensation. Although the claims process can be complex, a slip and fall attorney atlanta can help you take every step of it more ease than when you go through it alone. Without the guidance of an attorney, you can easily make mistakes after your accident. Such mistakes could harm your ability to recover fair compensation for your injuries. So, why exactly should you hire a slip and fall lawyer?

To Collect All Necessary Evidence

For your claim to be accepted by workers’ comp or a third-party insurance provider, you need strong evidence to support your claim. While you are trying to heal, you may not have the ability to collect evidence yourself. Thankfully, your attorney can get the job right for you. They know exactly which evidence can help establish a strong case and receive the compensation you deserve. 

To Negotiate with the Insurance Company

Once the insurance company of the responsible party has been notified about your accident and claim, they will send an insurance adjuster to try to get you to talk and give statements. Then, they will also try to make a lowball offer, hoping that you will take it without considering the possibility of your injuries needing more medical attention in the future. If you have an attorney, you will be advised not to negotiate with the claims adjuster. Your attorney will tell you to give out just basic information about your accident and never say something that could be used against you later. A great injury attorney possesses strong negotiation skills to encourage or even force the insurance company to make a fair settlement offer based on the true value of your claim.

Proving Fault

To recover compensation for your slip and fall injuries, you need to prove your injury was caused by another party. To establish fault, you need to prove negligence. A reliable attorney has the skills and knowledge to help you prove liability since they have done this before.

Determining Damages

Another important consideration when trying to recover fair compensation for your injuries is to prove the extent of your losses. The law grants you financial relief equivalent in value to your losses. You seek monetary compensation and non-economic damages. You must work with an attorney to prove your losses. 

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