The Latest Jewellery Trends to Keep in Mind for Diwali


Pandemic has altered the way we used to live radically. From house parties to catching up on zoom calls and from travelling to our native place to being at home, Diwali 2020 is unique in its own way. This calls for a reason to change the way we used to dress up. Today, we see leisure clothing taking over the jazzy apparels in wardrobe. Similarly, the accessory trends have also undergone many changes to fit in the mood of the moment.

Every festival is a reason to bring out the bling in your attire. Especially the festival of Diwali as it is all about lights, diyas, mithais, new clothes, meeting up friends and families and getting bejewelled in dazzling fine jewellery. What if you can’t go out this year and party, you can still celebrate it in your home with your family with the same spirit. Uh oh, and of course share those moments with your social media family as well.

Thinking how to keep up with glitz this Diwali? We have got your back there, here are some trends for the festive season that will light up the festive spirit and make a fashion statement. Follow the cue to know the jewellery trends for Diwali 2020.

Trend #1: Gold earrings

There is no doubt that earrings are the most sought-after Diwali jewellery. They are comfortable to carry and yet manage to grab the attention. These dazzling pair of earrings will not only lit up your festive ensemble but also make a style statement while you are on office zoom meeting during the festival.

Trend #2: Experiment with layering

Have too many gold jewellery but can’t decide what to wear? Here is a solution, since you are at the comfort of your home, why not try layering. Other times it would be risky to wear so many gold ornaments, but when at home, you can try layering different necklaces of various lengths and create a new look.

Trend #3: Make way for maangtikas

Earlier maangtikas and maangpattis were a part of wedding accessories only. But with the inclusion of masks in our ensembles, the concept of Diwali jewellery has changed. Maangtikas are available in various designs from heavily jewelled to delicate ones. You can choose a suitable option for yourself and dazzle.

Trend #4: Stacked bangles

No matter how many changes the Diwali jewellery list undergoes, there is one thing that stays common, and that is bangles. Bangles are must-have for every Diwali ensemble and believe it or not they make a huge difference. If you are not a fan of necklaces, then try stacking up bangles of different sizes, shapes, and even metals to create a slightly contemporary look.

Trend #5: Delicate gold jewellery pieces 

With changing times, people’s taste in jewellery has changed radically. High heels have been replaced with flip-flops, jazzy dresses have been replaced with comfort clothing, open hairdos have been replaced with buns, and long heavy gold accessories are replaced with delicate gold ornaments. Be it intricately crafted pendant and earrings set or charm bracelets, these off-beat accessories are today a part of Diwali jewellery.





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