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What can be more frustrating than a website that won’t load on your chosen network? A browser that states that the website in question has been closed down possibly. 

In many cases, and certainly the situation with well-known site corsaro nero, many browsers around the globe have a tendency to declare that the infamous site is down and not available to connect to. This is not the case at all. 

So how come you cannot access the content that you want to view via the torrent? This is largely down to the integration of geoblocks.

Why use geoblocks?

The primary function of geoblocks is to prevent certain groups of people from viewing online content, so in this case with the popular Italian site Il Corsaro Nero, the geoblocks do exactly what they set out to do.

There are multiple reasons why geoblocks are put in place, largely honing in on the subjects of copyright and attached clauses in advertising contracts. 

With Il Corsaro Nero the area surrounding geoblocks is particularly hazy as there is a great deal of content which should be obtainable by the wider audience. Then again however, there is also a multitude of copyrighted content which shouldn’t even be there.

Corsaro is not the only online streaming facility to use the system of geoblocks, with other big names like Netflix also cashing in on the protective scheme. But although we don’t promote anyone breaking the law, there is a way around geoblocks which will allow you to view content released for the general public and not just one country.

Joining up with a VPN

VPNs, known as virtual private networks, are mostly known for their abilities to provide private Internet surfing sessions so how can that help with gaining access to online content?

One of the major perks of a VPN is that a user can connect to the system from pretty much any location in the world. As long as there is an Internet connection a user can make the most of the services.

Having this extensive international capacity means that there are numerous servers around the world ready to pick up signals and get users started on encrypted connections. This in turn lays the foundations for getting around the geoblocks put in place by online streaming services. 

When a user joins up to a VPN server they are allocated an IP address which is associated with the particular server in question. So if a server is based in Germany, the user will be given a German IP address to use for the duration of the session online. This tells other parties online that you are connected to the Internet in Germany, even if you’re hundreds of miles outside of the border.

So if you’re looking to gain access to Italian streaming services, connect your VPN session to a server based on Italian land. With your new Italian IP address the streaming service won’t know any different and hey presto. 

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