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Among the most popular casino games in the world, you will not miss roulette in the first rankings. It is popular among all generations. Almost every casino, whether big or small, has a version of the game. Because of roulette popularity, it is often referred to as the queen of casinos. Although the game has been around for centuries, you should not be surprised that there are interesting facts that you may not have heard about this table game before. They include:

The Original Wheel Had 2 Zeros

Current players get the experience of the European Roulette wheel with just one zero. However, records since 1796 indicate that the wheel had two zeros. During the 19th century, casino owners in Germany created tables that had 2 zeros to attract gamers from Paris. The concept of two zeros spread into America through the ocean and was adopted by Las Vegas gamers. Today, the game is traditionally called American Roulette.

No Math Can Beat the Roulette Wheel

Early scholars like Albert Einstein conceded that roulette is purely a game of chance, and no mathematical strategy can help you to win. Over time, gamers have employed various strategies, but none of them has successfully achieved a win, depending on them. If you choose to play online roulette for real money, know that you can do nothing to establish where the ball will land. You can also do nothing to improve the odds. 

The Most Expensive Table

The popularity of the game does not come cheaply because the game table is certainly the most expensive. The cost of the wheel, together with all other accessories, ranges between $6000 and $8000. This price has nothing compared to the table which costs more than half a million dollars. The costs are definitely out of this world, but guess what, only gold and silver make up the materials for the table.

The Man Who Sold Everything to Place a Bet

Roulette has an exciting history. The most famous bet was made by an entrepreneur known as Ashley Revell. He sold his vast estates and collected $164000. He had two options of placing his bet on either red or black. So Ashley left for Las Vegas with the intention of wagering all his proceeds from the sale of his businesses. So he placed the bet on red and surprisingly won.

Regardless of the Version One Plays, the Numbers on the Wheel Add Up To 666

666 is a number in the bible, which is said to be the “number of beasts.” People with superstitious beliefs fear this number. In fact, losers in the roulette game tend to believe that the works of the devil are responsible for their misfortunes. For these reasons, roulette has been nicknamed as “the Devils wheel.”

California Roulette

Roulette is played very differently in California. This state has very strict rules of gambling where all casinos are required to use cards as the only tool for generating results. Gamers of roulette traditionally use a wheel as the known device. However, the Californian regulatory authorities would impose sanctions on casino owners for the illegal act. Casinos in this state have found a loophole where they offer games using cards instead of a wheel and a ball. The odds and payouts systems remain the same. This system has been named “California Roulette.”

Roulette is Common in Europe

Even though roulette is a worldwide game, it is more common in Europe. In the UK, it remains the most popular since the 1800s. Gambling markets like the Middle East and the United States have the game in place, but the competition with other game types has adversely undermined roulette. On the contrary, when you pop into any casino in Italy or France, you will not miss a couple of tables accompanied by more than 10 wheels.


Roulette is such a fascinating and straightforward game that once you set out to play, there is no doubt that you will have a lifetime experience. The game was launched in the 18th century and has grown through the stages of technology. Due to the rich history, there are bound to be facts that are so interesting, some recorded and some not yet. 

Even in the current age, the game exhibits a lot of features that appeal to gamers across the world. Gamers in Europe have fully adopted the game as one of the biggest earners. Despite the beautiful features that provide entertainment, many gamers are drawing income from spinning the wheel. In countries that have tough gambling regulations, developers are designing new playing mechanisms to ensure that every player has a chance to explore the benefits of playing roulette.


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