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Experience feedback (REX for short) is a technique widely used in high-performance companies (CAC 40 companies or other SME). It allows lessons to be learned from the successes and mistakes of the past to better prepare for the future. This method is easy to implement for an individual and applies perfectly to betting on soccer. You certainly spend a lot of time evaluating the Sbobet88 indonesia you are going to bet on. But how much time do you spend after the game analyzing the mistakes made? 

  • It is by devoting a significant amount of time to the analysis of your results (positive or negative) that you will progress in betting on football.. A little order and method will also be welcome to conduct these feedbacks: use a notepad or better an Excel spreadsheet to accommodate all your comments.
  • We have deliberately limited these precepts to 5 for a winning strategy. You will find on the Internet a lot more advice, more or less serious, to bet effectively on football. But in the end, only these 5 basic axioms will allow you to grow your bankroll over the long term.
  • Do you want to get started in basketball betting? No question of attempting an action before reading this article. GagnerParisSportifs gives you a decisive pass by giving you its best advice and tips for winning your basketball bets, and gives you a list of its favorite sites.

Betting on basketball is betting on a complex sport, which the French often know quite poorly. The first thing to do, therefore, is to become knowledgeable about the rules of the game, the jargon of sport, and the structure of competitions. The NBA, the star championship of the US, is particularly complex with its 82 games and its playoffs, and understanding how it works will allow you to bet more accurately.

First NBA title for the Cleveland Bets in Example

As in tennis or football, analyze the matches you bet on, taking into account as many factors as possible: numbers, place of the match in the calendar, team form, injured players, or even number of points in the game. team in the standings. Any information is good to take. Obviously, you will find information more easily on the NBA than on the Spanish, German, Australian or French Pro A leagues. The latter are therefore reserved for fans of basketball.

In the case of the NBA, there are a few extra things to pay special attention to. As there are three to five games per week, it is common for a team to play back to back games, that is, two games in two days. In this case, it is common for the team in question to lose their second meeting. On the other hand, even the biggest teams experience defeats; however, it is rare for a leading team to lose twice in a row. If so, it doesn’t mean that the third time around, she’ll get revenge and spark sparks on the pitch.


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