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Binomo is a unique, easy-to-use, and smooth, controlled binary options trading platform.  But even if no legislation has been in place to make it illegal for India, also if it does not allow such trading by BSE, NSE, or regional stock exchanges. Binary options in Indian Exchanges are not listed on BSE, NSE, NCDEX, or MCX.

Binomo is an innovative trading site for online money-making. Someone who cares about trade cares the ever so normal situation when companies quit right now. It’s not a matter of concern. The most important thing is to deal appropriately with your feelings and keep the job under control. We have explicitly created this article to help you trade long-term and avoid unregulated losses on your account. Clever use of trade strategies is good, but better money management!

There are no traders who have never suffered losses, but people are still dishonest after losing all their cash. We recommend you follow our easy tips when you don’t want to be one of them. You have to accept that a single success or defeat does not improve in the long run. The important thing is that you gain knowledge. To help you remain in black, we give this short guide:

  • Account balance 

The higher it is, the better it will in future be for you. If your balance is 50 dollars and you have lost 10 dollars, your loss is 20%. Don’t you think that’s pretty important? You would then have just four attempts to return to the original level, so you would have to be cautious so concentrated even more. So what about 500 dollars? Failure to exchange $10 does not do any significant harm since it is just 2 percent of the overall balance. We suggest you choose the number of your businesses carefully, particularly for beginners.

  • System 

You will routinely trade on the board. This applies to both the trading strategy and the average time spent on the website. The only path to success is to build your program!

  • Training 

Trading is an invigorating means of earning money. New trading techniques are continually changing, and new technologies are being added. Spend more time learning to stop losing your money and remain up for as long as possible.

  • Controlling your emotion 

Be alert during your trading day. Be patient! Your emotional state should not prevent you from pursuing your trade strategies, either positive or negative. Calm and perceptions, not urges, are very relevant.

  • Capital management 

We will give you specific numbers, as we did in the last point. The best choice for you is to do businesses that do not exceed 2 percent of your overall income if you still have not much experience. We suggest keeping a limit of 15% of the balance in all available trades. You can determine a secure percentage for yourself based on your expectations and priorities if you already have a bit of business experience.

  • Limiting loss 

Enter a regular limit, for example, ten on the number of failed trades. Or 15 percent of the amount for the whole balance. Do not go beyond this limit, even if you feel like that jackpots about to hit!

  • Market analysis 

To make the right choices in the future, you need to evaluate the market using your experience in profitable business. And stop making the same mistakes that contributed to defeats in the past.

Recall those 7 points and try for at least one month to follow them.

Trading would be more straightforward, and you can increase the amount of productive trade. We would like to see you trade profitably and capital increase! Right now, begin trading on Binomo. When you have the right plan, the deal is through. The platform is straightforward and comfortable.   There were no injuries or problems. Yeah, it’s a relatively new company. However, it yields adequate results. I have developed a successful strategic plan for BINOMO, following my study of trade.

Pick the transaction time:  A time frame that relies on several variables has to be chosen.

Resources for trading: The next choice You have a solid basis for which form of property, list it. You can invest in this if you have an understanding of the stock market (can clarify the income statement). If you have a broad macroeconomics understanding, you ‘re concentrating on the currency. Several factors affect each type of asset, so it is essential to understand the economy and investment assets.

New strategies: If you can’t wait, try to apply them to past data to see how much of your plan is correct.

Proper Analysis: You will assess your forecast of the market trend once you have agreed on the trader’s assets and timeline.

Also, the real account can be used by investors to check their transactions by monitoring them.


Even Binomo strategy is not the best (leaving aside), I don’t suggest it’s a scam. Many people think it’s a trick because they believe they have lost. Indeed, some 80 % of people in any market or broker lose their money simply because they do deposit and trade without the correct understanding. As European markets and American markets converge, the best time to exchange currencies and implement the form of strategy is from 08:00 to 12:00 EST. In a lesser measure, Tokyo and Europe are also suitable business environments with time from 03:00 to 04:00 EST when they overlap. The minimum volume of withdrawal in your account currency is $10/€10 or $10. This importance could be lower in some nations. With our support service at, you can test the minimum withdrawal in your region.


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