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A promotion is a must for us in the online casino, we invite you to use them because it is clearly interesting. Those who don’t like them say the conditions are too difficult to achieve.

Yes, please be aware, there are conditions to be met when activating a casino88 bonus. The casinos do not hide it besides. This is why the conditions are always displayed and searchable before you click on “Activate bonus”. In our opinion, one should not be afraid of these conditions as they are often largely achievable. So that you know a little more, we take stock with you immediately:

The conditions when you activate the bonus

The first phase of conditions, if we can put it that way, starts even before the activation. You will need to verify that the bonus is intended for slot machine players. There is a good chance for that but better to be sure. The list of unauthorized games is published in the conditions, you just have to read it.

Next, be aware that some bonuses can only be activated using certain deposit methods. Why? Because online casinos want to simplify transactions and for that, there are methods like Neteller for example. If this is the case, then you will have to use this method at all costs to obtain the corresponding bonus.

The conditions for closing the bonus

Once you have started the game, you will be able to have fun with a larger amount, thanks to the bonus. But do not forget your objective: you must make a minimum number of bets to unlock the bonus and thus be authorized to unlock winnings.

You will be able to calculate this number of bets yourself using a formula which is always found in the conditions. It will look like:

Number of bets to make = deposit * x

“X” here is a number that the casino will have determined itself. In some casinos, you will have a bet counter which allows you to follow your progress live. Don’t be afraid of the number which can be large, it will go down quickly.

For your information, a bet is often equal to 1 Swiss franc. This means that if during a spin you make a total bet of 10 Swiss francs, then you will have already made 10 bets, this is how virtual casinos count.

The conditions for withdrawing earnings

Once you have made the minimum bets, then you will be able to withdraw your winnings if you generated any during the game. There too, a condition is imposed, it is the maximum amount that you can take back. Often times, players think they will be able to take back all of their scales, this is not always true. It is for this reason that we advise you to calculate the amount even before starting the game to see if it is interesting:

Cashable amount = (deposit + bonus) * x

The formula is easy to understand. If you ever need help, customer service is here to help. Otherwise, know all the same that these amounts are significant, often several thousand Swiss francs, so enough to satisfy you.

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