How To Ensure Cybersecurity In 2020 Like A Pro? Find Here!


The ongoing 2020 Covid-19 pandemic has changed many things about businesses. Companies, which have the choice, are now allowing employees to work for home, and this may become the norm in many industries for an indefinite period.  However, the current work environment has also increased cybersecurity concerns. 

For cybercriminals and hackers, this might be the golden period they are looking for, as many companies are likely to let their guard down, and employees are bound to make mistakes. From trying to hack your company recorder to attempting phishing attacks, various means can be used by hackers, and that calls for a more proactive approach to security. 

In this post, we are sharing more on how to ensure cybersecurity in 2020 like a pro. 

  1. Consider taking regular backups. As long as you have backups of data and resources, you don’t have to worry about a random hacker taking over, unless the threat is severe. Having backups also ensure that your company can reduce the downtime and minimize the damage. 
  2. Focus on phishing and malware. These are often the two means that hackers use to attack businesses, and phishing scams are likely to increase in 2020. Ensure that employees are careful with emails, attachments, downloads, and links, and ensure that they are aware of the basic cybersecurity protocols they must follow, while working from home. 
  3. Think of added safety. If employees are using their own devices to work from home and are relying on unsecure connections, ask them to use a premium VPN. Where possible, consider giving devices to employees, which have been checked & updated for security. This is important, considering that many employees have to work from home for a long time. 
  4. Access management is critical. Every resource that is being accessed by insiders has to be monitored. If your company doesn’t have an Identity & Access management tool as yet, we recommend that you get one. In case something goes wrong, or there is a breach, you should be able to find the possible point of flaw. 

Finally, keep an eye on ransomware. Ransomware is a kind of malware that hackers use to encrypt files, and in return, they will ask for a ransom. Ensure that your cybersecurity policies mention ransomware in particular, because hackers are likely to target employees, who are unaware of social engineering and different types of malware. 

Finally, stay alert, and make sure to have a clear incident response plan.  

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