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Blackjack has stood out throughout history for being one of the most famous games in casinos around the world, standing out as one of the most popular games among the highest societies in Europe. Finally it has been welcomed among the most popular games globally in casinos of all kinds, 1 

  • This game stands out for combining bets and part of chance with a strategy that, if followed, could increase the chances of success in the game, in turn increasing the possible winnings for the player.
  • Thus, in blackjack the key moment of the game comes when the player makes a decision between asking for a card or calling. In this way, the player’s ability to read the game and choose the appropriate movement, which if correct, could mean a player’s victory, comes into play as an indispensable piece.

The Right Choices

In this way, separating the hand or doubling the bet is absolutely vital in the future of the game, being a decision only made by the player in question, who in this way could ensure victory in the game, or conversely, lose the bet made. You can also get more information about slot39.

Strategies for playing blackjack:

  • Stand:  This move must be done if you have high cards greater than 12, while the dealer has a weak card, not higher than 6.
  • Request card:  Recommended if you have a hard card hand, as long as there are no high chances of winning, and the dealer has a strong card, from 7 to Ace.
  • Double the hand:  This can be done if the dealer has a weak hand, between 2 and 6; or if the hard card hand totals more than 10, except if the dealer has a 10 or an Ace.

Separate the hand:  When separating the hands we speak of a situation that should occur if the dealer has a weak card, between 2 and 6; or separating Aces and 8, taking into account that in this game there is a predominance of 10; therefore it is never recommended to split a hand with two cards with a value of 10 in blackjack.

However, for example, in American blackjack, a covered card is dealt and another one is visible to the players on the table, so that if the uncovered card corresponds to a value of 10 or an Ace, the dealer uncovers the other, and without having blackjack, the players continue with the game.

Finer Choices

With this, during each turn the players increase or decrease their bets depending on the power of their respective hands. Thus, as previously explained, the objective of the game is to reach 21 points in hand. Based on this, the player’s objective is to stand once this figure has been reached or a very close one, which would allow him to win the game.

Your Needs

It should be noted that when the dealer deals cards, the player must leave one of the two cards face up. Thus, even if the card shown is the player’s decision, his opponents can take advantage of this to assess the condition of the respective hands of the rest of the contestants at the table.

Perfect Choices

Thus, the cards have a respective numerical value, while the figures (J, Q and K) have a value of ten points each. For their part, Aces act as wild cards in the game, and may have a value of 1 or 11, depending on the player’s need in their hand.

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