Is it Right that Granite is the Absolute Best Choice For Countertops? A Detailed Guide


Granite is one of the most sought-after natural stones for countertops. It has many such features that sets it apart from other materials. If you always wanted something exquisite in your kitchen and bathroom but the price tags scared you away, granite is the right choice since many varieties of granite are extremely affordable. That said, there are many other qualities of granite that you should be aware of if you’re giving serious thought to renovation and decor. Let’s walk you through the ones that are just too good to be missed out. 

The Variety in Granite is Flabbergasting

The reason that granite can range from inexpensive to very expensive is that the varieties are huge. The amazing shades, tones, colors, textures, and finishes of granite are better explored at comptoir de Granite au Sommet. One of the biggest sellers in Canada, some of the exquisite pieces at this firm include the following. 

  1. Black galaxy. 
  2. Black pearl. 
  3. Absolute black. 
  4. Shades of brown. 
  5. Shades of brown-black. 
  6. Emerald green hues. 
  7. Greens with blues and whites. 
  8. Blues with white veins. 

Granite is Super Strong 

It’s a natural stone that is formed on the Earth’s crust. The one factor that makes every type of granite an elite choice – cheap as well as expensive – is that they are very tough. Granite can take heavy impacts and won’t crack or break or chip very easily. This is also one reason that granite is the most preferred stone for storing bulky appliances. 

The Sheen of Granite Lasts for Decades 

Staying strong is one thing, but staying strong while looking as good as brand new is an entirely different thing. Granite is the stone, when sealed properly, offers both the benefits. It doesn’t develop scratches. On top of that, it maintains its color and texture because of the following reasons.

  1. It doesn’t absorb stains when it’s sealed. 
  2. It resists abrasion too. 

If you get it sealed even once in 3 years, granite can actually be a heritage stone since it can last for generations. 

Granite is Hygienic 

Bathroom and kitchen are the two rooms that have to be super hygienic. So, what’s better than a natural stone that can be sealed to become waterproof? This earns granite its first point. Other feathers to its cap that makes it a hygienic option are as follows. 

  1. It won’t catch stains. Hence, it won’t fester germs. 
  2. It won’t absorb moisture. Hence, it won’t fester fungus. 

And tada! Your kitchen and bathroom will remain hygienic. 

Also, some other things about granite that we should probably mention are:

  1. It’s heat resistant.
  2. It can be used to make bread.
  3. People also use granite countertops to chop veggies and knead dough. 

So, getting this spectacular natural stone installed as a countertop in your house can make the entire difference in the end. 

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