Working Through an Uncontested Divorce with Your Wilmington Divorce Attorney


Going through a divorce is not always a desirable prospect. However, if you are in the middle of a divorce, you can complete the process quickly if it is uncontested. But, keep in mind that it is still divorce and this means the need to work through some significant legal matters to end your marriage. To work through an uncontested divorce, here are the important steps you should take:

Hire a Divorce Attorney

Even if your divorce is uncontested and you feel that things are amicable enough, you still need legal representation. Even if you and your spouse are not fighting over assets, there are other issues you need to think about. This includes debt division and the fair provision of child support. Also, your wilmington divorce attorney will consider the division of your child’s future huge expenses. They will represent your best interests and know every issue to be addressed. 

Have All Agreements in Writing

Although you and your spouse may have decided to divorce amicably, your may spouse may not have perfectly pure intentions throughout the divorce proceedings. Should your spouse promise or agree to any terms, get everything in writing. In fact, it is best to have it put in writing in front of both of your lawyers to make sure it will be included in the formal divorce agreement. 

Get Your Property Assessed

You need to understand what everything is worth to make sure you get a fair share. Without proper property value assessment, you will not know the trade does not have the same value. Professional property assessment will make sure you won’t feel cheated later on. 

Ensure All Issues are Addressed

It is imperative to issue every possible issue before the divorce hearing. Once your divorce is brought to court and contested issues arise, the judge may reject your uncontested divorce. As a result, you will go back to square one and this can mean spending more cash than you would have when you addressed all issues beforehand. 

By hiring a divorce attorney, you can avoid this problem. But, you still have to review your divorce agreement with your lawyer and ask any questions you may have. 

If you are in the middle of an uncontested divorce, do not try to handle it alone. An experienced divorce attorney will represent your best interests to help you avoid serious mistakes and make sure everything is handled smoothly. 

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