Three Common Kinds of Workplace Discrimination


Employment discrimination happens when an employee is being treated unfairly due to a protected class such a race, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, disability, pregnancy, age, and previous criminal conviction. It is illegal for employers to treat employees because of these classes. If you feel you have been treated differently or you are not sure if it has to do with those protected classes, considering giving an Austin Employment Discrimination Lawyer a call. Your lawyer will offer you guidance while you are still employed and options to make it stop. If you are not employed anymore, the lawyer can assist you in getting compensation for the illegal discrimination you experienced including lost wages, reinstatement, emotional distress damages, and attorney’s fees and costs. The following are different types of workplace discrimination:

Racial Discrimination

Employers who suffer discrimination at work are aware of the legal implications of this practice. That is why they often do it subtly. Thus, they may hire a person of color but not give them the respect or wage they deserve. Workplace discrimination must not be tolerated and must be reported.

Workplace Retaliation

Retaliation discrimination is the common reason employees hesitate to complain about mistreatment in the workplace whether it involves bullying, harassment, wage and hour disparity, and other issues. The majority of employees think that the human resources department exists to help employees and are surprised to know that this department can be involved in retaliation against them. If you fear that reporting bad workplace practices or unfair treatment will expose you to retaliation, call an employment discrimination attorney to support you.

Age Discrimination

Some employers assume that people over a certain age cannot keep up with younger workers. Also, they may feel that employing older workers will brand their company as old-fashioned instead of innovative. If you think you have been discriminated against in the workplace because of your age, let an employment attorney help you with your situation. 

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