Locksmith Scams & How to Avoid Them


Locksmith scams have been brewing in society as a silent fraud over the last couple of years. Many blogs and newspapers have covered this issue, but, still many people are not aware of the situation. And so the scammers keep going.

It happens when you lose your keys to your home or vehicle. You start panicking and grab your phone to do an online search for a locksmith service, which appears to be a local business. You are likely calling a call center that would tell you a low price for the required service and send an illegitimate locksmith your way.

The scammer arrives at your location in an unmarked vehicle. They tell you there is a need to drill out the lock because it is impossible to pick it otherwise. They then give you a bill three times more than the already quoted price. If you do not pay, they leave you without the lock.

Remember how Legitimate Locksmiths Work 

Visiting https://locksmithnewcastle.co.uk/  tells you how fraud locksmiths do a poor job, charge you extra, and leave you with no resource at all. Legitimate and reputable locksmiths answer the phone call with their business name and give you a specific price range for the required job.

Reputable locksmiths usually avoid drilling a lock as it will need installing a new lock that matches your other locks. They arrive at your place in a marked vehicle, have an identification card, and show you an invoice before they start.

Do Plenty of Research 

It is always wise to do your homework before you need any professional help. Ideally, you begin with online research for a locksmith before storing the contact detail on your mobile phone. Make sure to take recommendations from people in your community to hire trustworthy people.

Look for Reputable Locksmiths

While you research for a locksmith, make sure you are looking for a reputable business name. Legitimate businesses do not like to use titles like AAA locksmith or 24-hour Locksmith to offer their services. Play smart using your common sense. It is even better to look for local names that you or your familiars can recognize.

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