Car accident claim: Hiring a personal injury lawyer in Rockford


If you have suffered injuries because of someone’s negligence behind the wheels, you should consider hiring an attorney. In the state of Illinois, you have two years to file a personal injury lawsuit according to the statute of limitations. This is applicable from the date of the accident. However, filing a compensation claim and informing the insurance company should be done at the earliest. Hiring a Rockford auto accident lawyer can be a wise step to ease the process. Here’s what you need to check. 

  1. Area of expertise. Make sure that you hire a personal injury lawyer who has worked on cases related to car accidents. They must have some experience of working with clients with similar circumstances as yours. You can ask for references too. 
  2. Location. Check if the office of the lawyer is accessible, as you may have to meet them a few times during the course of your lawsuit. Most lawyers in Rockford now have websites, so you can easily find details online. 
  3. Reviews. Beyond references, you may want to check if the concerned attorney has good reviews online. Google can be really handy in finding independent reviews, or you can refer to the lawyer’s website for customer testimonials. 
  4. Know your lawyer. Sometimes, a lawyer may assign the case to one of his juniors. This may not always mean something negative, but as a client, you have the right to know the lawyer working on your case. 
  5. Fees. Most lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, which means that they don’t get paid if your claim is not successful. This ensures that they always work in your interest. Nevertheless, having a fair idea of the arrangement is worth it. 

Finally, we would recommend that you discuss the case with your personal injury lawyer in person. This just ensures that you get a direct response and can ask relevant questions. Your attorney should explain what to expect from the case, if the lawsuit is likely to be disputed, and the eventual compensation amount that you may receive. Check online now to find more on auto accident lawyers in Rockford. 


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