8 Most Interesting Pinterest Facts You Need To Know 


As a site for social media service and American image sharing, Pinterest was designed to discover information and save it. It comprises animated GIFs, videos, and images in the form of pinboards. Pinterest is also considered as a reflection of our lifestyle. But today, consumers and businesses benefit from using its unique features for marketing. 

This image-sharing site has also become essential not just in the corporate world but also for education. It’s one of the most versatile websites and applications you can find on the internet. With that, it’s no wonder why Pinterest has become one of the most popular sites today. If you want to dig in more, here are some most interesting Pinterest facts. 

The Founder and Owner of Pinterest

The project or Pinterest started in 2009 by Ben Silbermann, together with American Internet entrepreneurs Evan Sharp and Paul Sciarra. A year after they started that project, they opened the site to a few members, but in a restricted beta format in March 2010. 

One of the primary Pinterest facts is that once they know the website’s potential, they immediately shift to an open beta. This way, promising users can only access Pinterest through a direct invitation by a primary user. 

The First Users of Pinterest

Upon Pinterest’s launching, the said application’s owner and co-founder sent his personal email to its first users. Besides that, he added contact details too. This way, it has given the users the privilege to contact the owner if they wish to discuss Pinterest matters or how they could improve the platform.

There are five thousand users who get to have close engagements with Ben Silbermann, and most of them contributed to the betterment of the platform. 

Silbermann Attempted to Sell Pinterest But Failed

Ben Silbermann tried to sell Pinterest to the “New York publishing company,” but it didn’t work quite well. But today, various investors such as EventBrite’s Kevin Hartz, FirstMark Capital, Bebo’s Michael Birch, and Yelp’s Jeremy Stoppelman have funded Pinterest. Pinterest is one of the most successful platforms on the World Wide Web. 

Pinterest’s Users After 9 Months

Nine months after launching Pinterest, the platform gained around 10,000 users. Well, it seems that Ben Silbermann’s strategy paid off. Even with a few programmers together with Silbermann only operating from a flat, they already gathered 100,000 users. Now that’s hard work paying off. 

Pinterest is Considered as the “Drawer of Ideas”

As mentioned earlier, Pinterest has become one of the largest and most prominent visual social networks today. Through Pinterest, regular users can share videos, infographics, any other types of visual content, and most images. 

This is one of the primary reasons most users of this platform are artists with broad creativity who work on projects with Pinterest’s help. 

Pinterest Have Inspired Countless People

With the popularity of the platform, people from across the globe started using Pinterest daily. Well, you can’t hide the fact that it helped millions in pursuing their project or goals. Besides that, Pinterest has been considered an essential tool for learning the art. With various and countless ideas, it has inspired over 95% of Pinterest users.

Either way, it just means that people have been using Pinterest more than what you could imagine. They are continually using the platform to search for ideas that would help them achieve their goal for special events. Other popular brands can also use this platform to search for solutions for their customers daily. 

The Pinterest Initial Public Offering (IPO) Raised Around $1.5 Billion

Since 2009, Pinterest has been gaining a lot more users. Well, it’s not just users, but investors as well. Based on the total of shares, which is 75 million, Pinterest has already raised $1.5 Billion from the platform’s IPO. The underwriters of this platform’s deal have been given the option to buy $11.25 million shares additional. 

The Stock of Pinterest Fell With the Covid-19 Pandemic

As you know, Covid-19 has affected countless lives up to this day. People have lost their jobs, some have lost their companies and businesses, and the sad fact is that some also have lost their loved ones because of this virus’s battle. With that, Pinterest is one of the many Platforms that’s affected by the coronavirus revenue impact. 

It’s considered one of the global victims of the Covid-19 pandemic. Just recently, Pinterest announced a net loss of $141 million, and that’s equivalent to 25 cents a share. Most of you may think that’s just little, but if you understand how the corporate world works, that could be enough to bring down a company. 


You can find many popular social media platforms on the internet, and you can say Pinterest is one of the most useful and versatile platforms today. There’s so much to know about this excellent application. One thing’s for sure. It’ll continue to help people who are looking to achieve their creative goals.

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