It is exciting preparing to have a newborn. However, carrying a pregnancy to term sometimes comes with its turmoil. Often in some cases, the doctor may require that we are on bed rest for the entire nine months. Preterm labor symptoms may need you to be strictly on bed rest and only leave the bed when taking a shower or when using the washrooms. It is not easy as it disrupts your normal day-to-day activities. Chores that were once enjoyable may prove to be a difficult task. You may miss playing with your children during this time or going outdoor. It is essential to have a bed rest survival kit to make the bed rest comfortable.

Regardless of how much work you wish to accomplish before the baby arrives, you must have enough rest and remain comfortable. Ensure that you focus on being as independent as possible. One way of achieving this is by use of an overbed table system. It is more than a tray to hold your items. It allows you to have everything you may require within reach. This will minimize the number of times you will need to ask for help.

The overbed table is also mobile, thus requiring minimal bed movement. Some additional features include integrated lighting, power outlets, USB ports, storage drawers, and shelves. The drawers and shelves could be used to store some warm clothes in case of a weather change or sanitary effects such as tissues and toothbrushes.

Your bed rest survival kit should also include a form of entertainment that you are comfortable with. For book lovers, store as many books as you can on the overbed shelves. Since it has enough lighting, you can read till late into the night conveniently. Movie lovers can incorporate a television on the overbed table. It is also possible to carry out simple tasks online if you can work remotely. However, it is important to not overstress yourself. Remember to take short breaks during the day that will allow you to relax.

Have comfortable pillows and blankets. You will be sitting for long periods, and it is crucial that your back stays comfortable. Be sure to maintain your grooming standards,keep a mirror close by, anddon’t stop doing your make up just because you will be indoors all day. Keeping your schedule as normal as it was will brighten your mood.This can also be the time to come up with beautiful baby names to write in your journal.

Do not hesitate to incorporate an over bed table system into your routine as you await your bundle of joy.

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