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You were injured in an unfortunate car accident in Missouri and are aware that the other party was at fault. So, should you file for compensation for your injuries and suffering? Should you file an insurance claim first or talk to a lawyer? How much should you realistically expect in compensation?  Talking to a Jefferson City Mo car accident attorney can help you get the right answers. 

Knowing the laws

Let’s agree that many of us don’t know much about state car accident laws. In Missouri, drivers are required to carry liability insurance. In case they cause an accident that causes property damage or injuries to a victim, their insurance company will have to pay the victim. There is also the comparative negligence rule in Missouri. If a person has share in the accident, they will lose their share of compensation by that percentage. However, unlike in many states, Missouri allows a person to ask for valid compensation, even if their share in the accident is more than 50%. Your car accident attorney should be able to explain all the necessary things, including your rights. By the way, the statute of limitations allows a period of five years from the date of accident to file a personal injury lawsuit. 

Protect your interests

Another big reason to hire a car accident attorney in Jefferson City is to protect your rights. Insurance companies are always trying to reduce their share of financial liability, and they often adhere to flimsy reasons to deny and delay claims. The other party, for all you know, is probably holding you responsible for the accident. At a time when you are still trying to recover from your injuries, you wouldn’t want to be sued too. A good lawyer will protect your interests, and they will do all that takes to win a settlement. 

Pay if you win

Just in case you are worried, most lawyers in Jefferson City work on a contingency basis on car accident lawsuits. This means they will only ask for a fee if they win. However, do discuss how much you have to bear for litigation costs and lawyer’s fee, so that you have a fair idea of the amount you will eventually have to deal with your expenses. 

Check online now to find more on top attorneys in Jefferson City and contact one soon after your accident, if you ever get involved in one. 

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