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A huge number of workplace accidents are reported in Virginia every year, but that doesn’t mean that all injured workers get compensated for their injuries and other losses. Every employer in Fairfax is required to have workers’ compensation coverage for part-time and full-time employees alike. For the unversed, workers’ compensation is a no-fault insurance, which means that no matter which party is at fault, the injured worker should get the benefits they deserve. This also, however, gives an immunity to the employer, so you cannot file a lawsuit against your employer for the accident. 

If you want to file a workers’ compensation claim, make sure to contact an attorney. Working with a Fairfax workers’ compensation attorney is almost like an assurance that your claim wouldn’t be rejected for a flimsy reason. Here are some things worth knowing. 

Why should you hire an attorney?

While workers’ compensation may seem easy on paper, things may not move as expected. Insurance companies are not your best friend when it comes to paying out money, because they are the one covering the compensation. Their adjusters can go to any extent to reduce their liability, and for that, they may make an initial offer, which is likely to be way lesser than what you deserve. When you talk to an attorney about your workers’ compensation claim, they can guide through the rights, what you can do and mistakes that must be avoided. Your attorney will negotiate on your behalf, ensure that there are no unwanted mistakes in filing the claim, and if there is a third-party lawsuit required, they will advice on that too. In some cases, an attorney may have to stand up against the employer too. 

Is hiring an attorney expensive?

Most workers’ compensation attorneys work on a contingency basis, where they will take a part of the compensation amount as their fee. However, depending on the needs of your case and other aspects, like the need for a third-party lawsuit, some may work on a retainer basis. Talk to the lawyer in person and ensure that they have the time and expertise to handle your claim. They should be able to advice on all relevant aspects that will matter for your claim, and don’t shy away from asking about their own expertise. For instance, how long they have been dealing with workers’ compensation? 

Check online for top workers’ compensation attorneys in Fairfax now and consult one at the earliest. 

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