What you Must Do After a Car Accident


A car accident can shatter a typical day. The shocking impact of being struck by another car can ruin your day, month, or even year. However, accidents can happen when you least expect them. And when it comes to your life, you need to know what to do.

Be Careful About What You Say

After a car accident, you should be careful about what you will say to the other driver. It is not advisable to even innocently apologize for what happened as this may be used against you in court when the other party will try to prove that you were at fault. Additionally, you must check everyone in your car for injuries and call 911. While you wait for help, exchange information with the other driver. Also, document the accident and get a police report and witness information. Inform your insurance company about the accident and begin the claims process. Of course, contact a houston car accident lawyer for representation.

What Information You Must Exchange

If you can physically exchange information with the other party involved in the accident, here are pieces of information you must get after a car accident:

  • Driver name and contact information. Give your full name and contact information to the driver and make sure to get theirs. Indeed, it is best to take a picture of the license to make sure you get the correct information.
  • Names and contact information of the passengers. This refers to both your passengers and the passers of the other car.
  • License number and plate number. Make sure to also write down the other car’s tag number.
  • Car information. Record the kind, make, and model of the other car.
  • Location details. Note the locations’ details including things such as cross-streets. Also, take note of the weather conditions, particularly when it was rainy or foggy when the accident took place.

Don’t Settle with the Other Driver Upfront

Usually, if the other driver clearly caused the accident which seems to be just a minor fender bender, the other party will try to talk you out of getting their insurance information and offer to pay for your car repairs using their own money. This will help them avoid getting an increase in their car insurance premiums. Sometimes, the drivers will also make this offer if they don’t have insurance. However, your car damage may be way more than expected.

Additionally, you may start to feel back and neck pain. And when you see a doctor, you know you have soft tissue damage from the accident. This injury will require extensive treatment and therapy. The other driver will ignore your calls and eventually you need to file a lawsuit against them. 

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