Filing for a Divorce? Then, Here are the Grounds that’ll Decide Whether You’ll Win or Lose

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Filing for divorce is quite a big step which has to be done in the right way if you want to ensure that you’re at the winning end. In order to increase your chances of winning the case, you need lawyers like Andrew Heft divorce lawyer since they have a proven record of winning even complicated divorce cases for their clients. It’s their courtroom experience that enables them to manage and steer through any abrupt situation that may arise while the case is still in the proceeding. That said, there are certain things that such lawyers want their clients to know in order to set their expectations right. Have a look!

  1. Gender Does not Influence the Case

If you’re a woman, it’s not a ground to assume that you’ll be the one who will be receiving the alimony and the custody of the child. The actual grounds that do turn the odds in your favour are listed below.

  • You have been out of job for years in order to take care of the house and children.
  • You are the abused spouse if there’s been physical and mental violence involved. 
  • You are the financially weaker one if you and your spouse are both working.
  • The nature of your relationship with your child – have you been emotionally available for the child or not?

Some factors that disqualify you from the race of parental custody are as follows.

  • If you are, or was, an alcoholic.
  • If you’re known to have a volatile nature.
  • If you have any sort of physical disability that will compromise the safety of the child.
  • If your child is more than 12 years of age and doesn’t want to live with you.
  1. There are Certain Procedures to be Granted a Quick Divorce

Don’t expect that you’ll be allowed to legally separate before 1 year even if you’re filing for a divorce mutually. The only cases under which you’re granted a divorce quickly are as follows.

  • If you and your spouse have already been living independently in different houses for a year.
  • If you have filed the divorce on grounds of being physically and mentally assaulted.

These are the only reasons that the court will allow early separation.

  1. Law for Annulment is Quite Different

You cannot get your marriage annulled as long as:

  • Your spouse is already married.
  • Your spouse has misguided you about their sexual preference.

Also, your marriage cannot be annulled if you’ve been married for more than 3 years. You’ll have to file for a divorce post that period. 

All in all, family law isn’t a simple one. Which is why you must pick a divorce lawyer carefully and ask them a lot of questions so that the chances that you’ll win the case are maximum. 

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